Art is a gift

Art is a gift

Art is a gift!

For me, art is something I have to create, or I get grumpy. Really grumpy!

I also love to collect art though.

I own paintings for different reasons. Some are artists that I admire- I love almost everything they do- and I have a small painting of theirs (or two, or...) because it makes me smile when I look at it. Other paintings I own are of places or things that I love and think of fondly. Some paintings are both! 

As I walked through my house and studio earlier this year, sometimes I was blind to the art as I was passing through on my way to do this or that. I was too used to what's on the walls. It was white noise of sorts.

So, a couple of months ago I completely cleared out everything in my studio, repainted the walls and started fresh. What a job that was! Even though most of the same art went back up, I looked at each piece with fresh eyes and new appreciation. It was like rediscovering the piece! I even made space for some new art that brought new joy. And that is something this year. Great, right?!  At a time when we are all spending A LOT of time at home, I'm grateful for the art that surrounds me; art that transports me and brings a smile.

I'm super excited. That studio refresh stirred my creative spirit.

As a special VIP thank you, in addition to the sitewide discounts, I am giving a coupon for a free mini when you purchase a piece $250+.

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Art is a gift.